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A Company & A Movement

Simple ChangesTM is a wellness movement, led by a community committed to sharing natural botanical products. We empower people to implement simple, healthy changes; choices that can help transform their lives.

Simple ChangesTM founder Charles Horton is a dynamic entrepreneur who has built million and multi-million dollar businesses that were twice listed on INC’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies. Now, his dream is to build a wellness community that empowers those who want naturally better health.

CBG (cannibigerol)

Noted for it’s support of digestive health (also known as “gut health.”) Today, scientists and health practitioners are beginning to understand that our gut health is incredibly important to our overall health; affecting our immune system, our hormones and even having an impact on mental health factors such as anxiety and depression.

CBN (cannabinol)

Well known for helping support healthy sleep, aiding the immune system and even positively affecting inflammation.


Aromatics that have physical impact. While you may not have heard the word often, you’ve already experienced their effects. Lavender’s scent is a terpene that helps us relax; lemon’s scent energizes us and the aroma of peppermint, as well as it’s physical properties can help stimulate blood flow to help alleviate headaches.
Simple ChangesTM offers a holistic approach to wellness with products leveraging the best of the hemp plant; cannabinoids like CBG and CBN as well as terpenes, specially formulated to provide the best results.

Certified Products

Our products are different because of the natural power of terpenes that make them more effective and pleasant tasting.

We Deal With Various Quality CBD Products!

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