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Simply Soothe™


Simply Soothe™

Simply Soothe is a soothing balm that delivers the naturally occurring components of full-spectrum hemp oil to joints and muscles through topical application. Our proprietary blend of terpene-rich hemp oil extract, native plant compounds, and other skin-nourishing ingredients is uniquely designed to help relieve muscle tension and maintain healthy joints to support your active lifestyle. The balanced combination of all-natural extracts can be readily absorbed through the skin for quick and lasting effects.
Fuss-free and easy to use, each stick contains 750 mg of full-spectrum organic hemp oil, loaded with beneficial terpenes. The exclusive formulation also includes meadowfoam seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants and helps nourish and rejuvenate the skin, as well as willow bark extract, an all-natural analgesic with anti-inflammatory properties. These biological compounds are blended together with pure beeswax and 100% organic hemp oil extract, fractionated coconut oil, Shea butter, Golden Jojoba Oil, honey, and other fragrant essential oils and plant extracts into a relaxing balm designed to bring quick relief to tired muscles when massaged into the skin. Apply Simply Soothe™ after a workout or whenever you experience joint and muscle soreness for temporary relief from pain and inflammation.

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