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Maybe you thought that a drastic change is required for you to begin living the life you’ve dreamed of. But it’s been proven, what you really need is consistent, incremental Simple Changes TM

We can help support those simple changes with all-natural products that have been shown to help:

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We believe the hemp plant has more to offer than just CBD.

We’ve focused on including lesser known (but just as effective) cannabinoids, which your body’s endocannabinoid system utilizes to help create a full spectrum of wellness. (What? You didn’t know your body has an endocannabinoid system? It does!

We monitor our products “from soil to oil.”

In fact, each product has a QR code you can scan to read the lab report on the specific batch (“lot”) of ingredients used in that particular product. Did you know that “industrial hemp” is a plant that grows several feet taller than standard hemp, and that many companies use CBD extracted from the stalks of industrial hemp? The most effective and purest forms of cannibinoids come from the hemp flower (aerial plant parts.) ‍

Simple Changes, Inc. uses aerial plant parts for our products.

Simple Changes is more than just a product distribution company. We are a wellness community focused on using natural products and making consistent simple changes in our lives to create lasting impact on our health, our relationships and our lives. We have a vision and we’re on a mission!

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