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You're in the Right Place at the Right Time

For wellness, for community and for opportunity.


Grow your business and mindset with world-class mentorship from proven leaders in their fields


You get training that surpasses any in the industry from people who know how to foster your complete success.


Building strong teams is part of our culture. We believe in creating lasting relationships that help us thrive.

Simple changesTM

Succeeding as a Change Advocate is simple!

1. Enroll as a Change Advocate

Earn Retail commissions

You'll ONLY pay $49.95 for the Simple Changes Business kit, which includes a year's worth of a personalized replicated website, your Simple Success Guide and Ignite the Secret written by our Founder, Charles Horton.

You'll also have a one-time opportunity, available only during enrollment, to purchase 2 Simply Satisfy supplement sprays for the discounted price of $179.95.

Just click here to enroll. You'll want to have handy the name of the person who referred you.  

2. Qualify Active with 1 Order

Active REquirements

To be qualified active, a Change Advocate must meet minimum order requirements from clients and /or executive clients orders within a calendar month in order to be eligible for weekly commissions.

3. 6 Ways To Earn

Get and stay active... in your business

6 Ways to Earn:

1. Retail Commissions
2. Personal Sales Bonus
3. Uni-Level Team Commissions
4. Fast Start Bonus
5. Rank Up Bonus
6. Lifestyle Bonus

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