JULY '20

How to Share Your Wellness Journey

When we find something that works for us, we are eager to share our knowledge and insights, so that others can benefit from our experience.


Human beings are social creatures. We enjoy good conversations, going to events together, and sharing a meal with people we love. Even diehard introverts crave company once in a while. Given our social nature, we also value input from trusted friends to help us make smart decisions, whether related to a job search, a romantic interest, or healthy lifestyle choices. By the same token, when we find something that works for us, we are eager to share our knowledge and insights, so that others can benefit from our experience.

Sharing your wellness journey actually is part of the journey itself. That's because overall wellness is more than just being physically fit or eating a nutritious diet. It involves nourishing your soul, doing work that you love, and having a strong social network. Practicing wellness means educating yourself to make informed and thoughtful decisions, being a good steward of the environment, and finding spiritual balance. Telling others about your commitment to growth and self-care can fit into several of these categories.

Start a Conversation

Sharing your wellness journey can strengthen friendships and expand your social circle. Your story becomes an inspiration to others, and the lifestyle choices that you recommend can help them achieve their own goals and ambitions. So, how do you share what you've learned about overall wellness? The most direct way is to bring it up in a conversation. Mention something you've done or a recent discovery you made, like using full-spectrum hemp oil to improve your sleep cycle or pre-planning your meals to maintain a healthy diet. You can also post insights, achievements, and recommendations on social media, and ask others if they have tips to share.

Another way to tell others about your wellness journey is to join a community of people who share your values or strive toward the same goals. For example, you might join Toastmasters TM to develop more confidence as a speaker, sign up for a spin class to improve your cardio endurance, or connect with a support group to break unhealthy habits. By declaring to the group your commitment to better wellness, you are re-affirming your values and creating accountability for yourself. At the same time, you are inviting others to ask about your progress and partner in your efforts.

Pursue Your Passion

Sharing your wellness journey doesn't have to be limited to nurturing social connections or strengthening your internal resolve. You can also use your focus on wellness to find a deeper purpose in your work. For example, as an independent Change Advocate for Simple Changes, you can educate others about the benefits of full-spectrum hemp and support them in their own wellness journey. Your passion to live a healthy and fulfilling life becomes a springboard to launch your own business and become your own boss. By simply telling others about the products you already use and love, you can earn additional income while experiencing the joy of helping people improve their health, and even helping them find a better work-life balance by starting a Simple Changes business of their own. At the same time, you can enjoy the perk of purchasing Simple Changes products at a discount - fostering wellness in both your wallet and your body!

If you haven't already, we invite you to join the Simple Changes wellness community and take the 21 Day Challenge to examine all seven levels of wellness. You'll find helpful tools to support your own wellness journey and learn how to share your story with others. Together, we can make the world a better place, one simple change at a time.